Wednesday, October 27, 2010

State Fair

We headed out to the state fair a couple of weekends ago and had a great time! Weather was fantastic and the crowds were manageable.

Let's start by talking about the food.  North Carolina State Fair is notorious for coming up with the craziest food and then deep frying all of it!

Drew went the safe route and got a corn dog! Smart guy :)

Here was Big Fella and I's choice.  A Krispy Kreme cheeseburger.  Yes, you read that right.  Well, look at the pictures for yourself and you can see our experience with this weird concoction. 

Since I didn't like the burger this is what I went with:

Took time out from eating to smile for a picture :)

Here we are enjoying some of the games:

I thought this game would be a good idea:

But then this is what I ended up with:

and to answer your question, No I didn't even make it to the top to win.  Ended up in urgent care the next morning with the diagnosis of a sprained wrist.  My wrist bone still has settled back into place and it is 12 days or so out from the actual incident.  I am able to move it around more without the brace, but still get sharp pain from time to time, and still can not lift anything that is over 2 pounds.  Hopefully it will get better.  Definitely don't need a specialist bill right before the holidays.

Posing in front of the ferris wheel that lil fella drug us all the way across the fair to go see.  Didn't want to ride, just wanted to look.  Can't say I don't blame him, big fella and I aren't big fans of fair rides either.

What great memories we make at the state fair.  Little Fella is getting to the age to where he will hopefully remember bits and pieces of this day for many years to come. 

Have a great night!

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