Friday, July 23, 2010

Monster Truck Rally

After awhile playing make believe by yourself gets to be boring.  So here is our answer to his monster truck loving ways!

Started off with a think piece of plywood cut down to 24"x36". Sprainted the outside green to reflect grass and the inside brown to reflect the dirt.

David cut out wedges for me that I ended up using hot glue to piece together. These pieces became the ramps.

Hot glue for the cars to stay on.

Used Mod Podge to keep put some dirt down so it would look more realistic.

Then used some clear acrylic spray to help keep most of the dirt in place.

After gluing the cars down, I glued down rocks on the outside to create more of a rough terrain.  I didn't get a whole lot of in between pictures, but you can see in this picture and the following pictures where the ramps went and the dirt piles.

This has provided hours of fun, which has been fantastic since we have been running in the 100's here on the east coast. 

We have a busy weekend planned--birthday parties, mom's only craft night, and husband golfing on Sunday! We will see how much actually gets accomplished.  They are calling for 100+ temps this weekend (not counting heat index). 

Here's to a hot weekend!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Signs of Summer's a hot one here on the east coast (as it is almost everywhere in the great states).  For the next 7 days they are calling for 98 to 101 (without heat index).  This is our hottest and longest summer on record and is proving to be brutal.  But, none the less, we are enjoying summer! Here are some pictures of summer around here.

Yummy! First time making smores with our 3 year old! He wasn't a big fan of the mess it created.

Bug spray! We bought the new Off that is the smooth and dry.  Like it better then the other regular spray, but doesn't keep those pesky gnats out of your face.

Sundown on the porch and enjoying some tiki time :)

And of course some time in the kiddie pool! I don't know what we will do next summer when he has outgrown this. Our neighboorhood doesn't allow above ground pools, and I don't know about you, but we don't have 25,000 laying around to put in an inground.  Maybe someday (sigh--dream!). 

I've been working hard getting stuff around the house completed...especially the pesky porch that we started back in April.  We are almost finished and will post pictures when we are complete!  I have also enjoyed getting some crafts on my craft list started and completed!  I'm excited to show some of those this coming week :)

Have a great day/week family and friends.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

growing up

From baby (with a complicated medical history)

to toddler

to now preschooler,

 it's amazing to see the growth my son has made over time.  He has an amazing will to live and love life.  Despite a long history of bad news, yesterday we had fantastic news from the speech therapist.  She believes that he has made so much growth that he doesn't need speech therapy anymore.  We will come back and re-evaluate him on his 4th birthday, but to those that know our story, will know how huge this is!  My little boy has given me the strength to live and love life.  I believe I saw the sun for the first time the day he was born :)

With that being said, we have been working on transitioning his little toddler room into a room fit for a preschooler! Enjoy the pictures of his room!



I am working on a project to fill this space.  Hopefully I finish soon, so I can get a picture of it up!

(The vinyl monster trucks on the wall came from

Have a great Wednesday!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

patriotic smore's cups

Using my cricut expression, independence day cartidge, vinyl, and some creativity....I came up with some party favors for our family 4th of July fun!

I took the graham crackers and packaged them and large puff marshmallows in a snack size zippie bag.

Then I made a large image and put onto a cheap gift bag to use as my tote to transport.

I had such a fun time making these.  Happy 4th of July USA!!!!