Friday, July 23, 2010

Monster Truck Rally

After awhile playing make believe by yourself gets to be boring.  So here is our answer to his monster truck loving ways!

Started off with a think piece of plywood cut down to 24"x36". Sprainted the outside green to reflect grass and the inside brown to reflect the dirt.

David cut out wedges for me that I ended up using hot glue to piece together. These pieces became the ramps.

Hot glue for the cars to stay on.

Used Mod Podge to keep put some dirt down so it would look more realistic.

Then used some clear acrylic spray to help keep most of the dirt in place.

After gluing the cars down, I glued down rocks on the outside to create more of a rough terrain.  I didn't get a whole lot of in between pictures, but you can see in this picture and the following pictures where the ramps went and the dirt piles.

This has provided hours of fun, which has been fantastic since we have been running in the 100's here on the east coast. 

We have a busy weekend planned--birthday parties, mom's only craft night, and husband golfing on Sunday! We will see how much actually gets accomplished.  They are calling for 100+ temps this weekend (not counting heat index). 

Here's to a hot weekend!

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