Wednesday, July 14, 2010

growing up

From baby (with a complicated medical history)

to toddler

to now preschooler,

 it's amazing to see the growth my son has made over time.  He has an amazing will to live and love life.  Despite a long history of bad news, yesterday we had fantastic news from the speech therapist.  She believes that he has made so much growth that he doesn't need speech therapy anymore.  We will come back and re-evaluate him on his 4th birthday, but to those that know our story, will know how huge this is!  My little boy has given me the strength to live and love life.  I believe I saw the sun for the first time the day he was born :)

With that being said, we have been working on transitioning his little toddler room into a room fit for a preschooler! Enjoy the pictures of his room!



I am working on a project to fill this space.  Hopefully I finish soon, so I can get a picture of it up!

(The vinyl monster trucks on the wall came from

Have a great Wednesday!!

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