Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Redskins vs. Packers game

This past weekend, we headed up to D.C. with the in-laws to watch my husband's favorite team (Packers) play.  We spent ALOT of time in the car, but survived!  At halftime little fella and I headed out and found some ice cream.  This first picture is of him sitting on the concourse eating his ice cream, right before he fell asleep. 

Poor little guy was EXHAUSTED!!  Right as he was finishing this, he curled up in my lap and fell asleep.  He slept almost the entire second half of the game in my arms sitting out on the concourse floor.  There was a very sweet woman that came up and asked if I needed anything "water, paper towels, anything" she said.  I said I was okay and thank you.  She said "I am a mother too and have been in your shoes, and just looking out for other mothers."  That was so sweet, and reminded me that people still do random acts of kindness and to pass that feeling along!

I absolutely fell in love with my little fella putting his right hand over his heart while the national anthem was sung.  Soooooo cute!

Focusing really hard on the coin toss!  He didn't say much during the 1st half- overwhelmed? taking it all in? tired?  Not sure what was going through his head, but loved seeing him watch his first professional football game. 

My big fella in a self portrait :)  I love him!

My little fella with his grandma. 

We spent a little time before the game tailgating.

This is the view headed over the Chesapake Bay Bridge at sunrise.  It was beautiful! 

We had a great time, but will probably wait until little fella is a bit older before taking him to another professional football game.


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