Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's going on outside!

I have finally taken some pictures of our outdoor flower beds and garden.  I have no idea where May went, and we are almost half way through June!  Not much going on around the house.  We are trying to finish painting the deck, and putting a door from the master bedroom onto the deck, and decorating our new space!  The weather is super hot here already, so hopefully there will be some beach trips soon!

Sorry, I didn't get this one turned around :)

We have had this bush for 3 years and this is the first year we have had blueberries.  Little man LOVES blueberries!

Once we get the pond cleaned up we will get some goldfish in there.  There are about 9 snails right now, but not enough to keep the pond clean.

Part of the front of the house.

We have an hourglass shaped driveway, so we took that opportunity to do a cute flowerbed on each side of the driveway.  These have been here for 2 years, but we just added the rock to it. 

Hopefully everyone is enjoying their summer!

Love from the Spencers!

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  1. Hello this morning~ so glad you did the vinyl toes, I am so thrilled everyone likes this idea.. its great right? Love your water feature and garden, way to go. Have a great day and week!!! Jen